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Welcome to www.thebaldtruthjersey.co.uk


My name is  Trevor Pitman and  I launched this website and blog on May 1st 2011. The thinking behind this was simple. Being a firm believer in the desperate need for political news sites that gave an alternative to the spin, and regularly just downright lies of the right-wing Establishment ‘party’ and their attendant media via own website and blog seemed to be the way to go. Here no one could distort my political policies or the message I was putting out.


Intentions Telling it how it is

Since I first entered politics I am proud of the fact that I quickly built up a reputation for pulling no punches; whether in my oratory, questioning of Ministers or in representing the interests of the people who have now twice shown their faith in electing me. The Bald Truth website and blog continues this approach to parliament: features here regularly being hard-hitting, serious; irreverent and, if needs be, controversial. They will also, of course, often be funny. Indeed, on occasions stories will be all of these things within the same post! I make no apologies for this.


Common-ground & co-operation with colleagues
Yet the blog in particular will also never be simply about Trevor Pitman. One of the key reasons why the Progressive political Left has not had the success it should – even though time and time again we win the intellectual and political arguments – is that for far too long people have allowed comparatively small differences to get in the way of team work. As we now move toward 2013 the Bald Truth blog will seek to help overcome this by continuing to feature guest postings from a variety of ‘like-minded’ individuals.


Taking up the stories that the Establishment want buried
Another factor that makes the Bald Truth and so many of Jersey’s growing army of Citizens’ Media sites so strikingly different from the MSM (mainstream media) is that it will not allow stories that need to be told get buried by Establishment ‘party’ self-interest. Just consider the stories underlying Haut de la Garenne; the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power and the banning from the island of U.S. journalist and author Leah McGrath Goodman and you will understand what I mean. Knowledge of the truth, we must never forget, is to have power.


The Website & Blog of

 Trevor Pitman in sight

"Social Democracy in Action"



‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter’.

Martin Luther King




Not just political  but a little bit of personal stuff too

Well, it is my website and blog after all! So if I occasionally want to wax lyrical about a non-political book that I’m reading; or a new album that I have just bought – I will. If it doesn’t interest you, fine. Just ignore it. But don’t bothering complaining to me about it. Unlike your political views and any constructive criticism which I absolutely welcome and encourage – I really just don’t care.



Thanks for your interest.

Trevor Pitman

Trevor Pitman@baldtruthjersey

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